Lincoln Lutheran Camps
2019 Leadership, Self Esteem & Empowerment Summer Camp

Polka Dot Girls - Relationships! Interactive Book Study
God has blessed each one of us with relationships! He gives us friends, family, teachers, neighbors and tons of other people to walk through our lives with us. Our relationships are one of His greatest gifts. But let's be honest- our relationships are one of our greatest blessings, but they can also be one of our most significant problems! We can have fights with our friends. Our brothers can pick on us. We can get frustrated with our parents. Our teachers can make us mad, and our neighbors can hurt our feelings. God knows how important your relationships are to you, and so He wants to help you with them! The Bible is full of instructions to help us work out all the problems in our relationships. This fun, interactive book study will help you learn all God has to say about having good, healthy relationships! Each day will have lessons with Bible verses and stories, a place for you to journal and dig deeper into your thoughts, activity sheets, and crafts!

Polka Dot Girls - Relationships
Dates: June 24th-28th
Entering Grades:  3rd - 8th
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Cost: $110

A T-shirt is guaranteed one week before the start date of camp