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2018 Cooking Camp

"Cooking Round the World"

Cooking Round the World is the juncture where cultural exploration meets culinary arts!  Mrs. Erin Stoll is the art teacher at Lincoln Lutheran, but few know she has traveled the world and is a secret food junkie!  She is excited to share foods and recipes that she has eaten from around the world!

Each camp day we will cook and eat recipes, play a game, observe cooking demonstrations, and learn to think critically about the foods we just cooked. The program is completely hands-on; everyone peels or chops or dices or minces. We believe in cooking with whole foods and having the children do the prep work themselves!

Beyond merely cooking, we educate children about countries around the world using cooking as means to celebrate diversity and embrace difference. Dishes that are prepared are representing authentic cuisines from different corners of the world. Beyond cooking, your child will be exposed to a cultural immersion. After this camp, don't be surprised if your child has a hunger to travel the world!

Please note: We are a completely nut free program. There are no nuts in any recipe. If your child has allergies beyond nuts, please call before signing up.

"Cooking Round the World" Cooking Camp
Dates: June 11th - 15th
Entering Grades: 3rd - 6th
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Cost: $105.00

T-shirt is guaranteed 1 week prior to start date of camp